My Computer and My Dog
by Colleen O’Brien


 1897 Bhuteer Terrier

1901 Lionel Jacobs Standard

1935 Standard

A Breeder’s Life

A Dogs Prayer by Beth Norman Harris

A life-saving acupuncture point to know! compiled by Debby Rothman

A Living Love by Martin Scot Kosins

A New Kind of Breeder by Dr. Carmen Battaglia

A Nice Wide Rear by Catherine Marley, M.D.

A Night to Remember Tibet Revisiting Our Past By Debby Rothman

A Pathway? Or a Superhighway? by Debby Rothman

A Radical Regime for Recalcitrant Rovers by Job Michael Evans

A Study of Renal Dysplasia by Dr. Catherine Marley

A Week At The National in Houston, Texas by Julie Timbers

AAHA 2006 Canine Vaccination Guidelines

About Gompa Lhasa Apsos by Debby Rothman

AKC Standard

ALAC Code Of Ethics

All Dogs Are Carriers  (of multiple mutations) by Mary H. Whiteley, Ph.D

An Ancient Passage A Modern Treasure by Debby Rothman

An Interview with Dr. Nicolas Dodman by Claudia Kawczynska

An Unpublished Editorial by Debby Rothman

Anal Glands

Anatomy of Breed Specific Legislation by Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Anatomy of the ear from Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook

Ancient Treasure Film Premier

Angulation and Movement in the Lhasa Apso by Catherine Marley, M.D.

Animals make early morning peace elusive by Carole Cloudwalker

Anonymous EQUALS Cowardly By Beverly Lehnig

Antioxidants and cancer by Jeff Grognet, DVM, B.Sc. (Agr.)

Apso Bath Tub by Katy Widger

Australian Standard

Basic Genetic Concepts by Dr. John Armstrong

Bill Ferguson

Bot Flies

Breadth of Pedigree by Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Breaking The Silence Part 1 by Debby Rothman

Breaking The Silence Part 2 by Debby Rothman

Breaking The Silence Part 3 by Debby Rothman

Breeding for the Difference by Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Breeding Management by Milan Hess, DVM, MS,Dip, ACT

British Standard

But Doc the Dog’s Already Dead by Emily Yoffe

But Where Are The Lhasas of Yesteryear by Madame Yolande de Zarobe

Canadian Standard

Canine Atopy from Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook

Center Stage West with Mary Schroeder and Debby Rothman Fleetfire

Changing Criteria by Patricia Craige Trotter

Cherry Eye by Dr. Catherine Marley

Chinese Medicine by Jeri Petz

Choosing Euthanasia for your Pet by Hilary Brown

Clik Stik Training Tool

Clinicopathologic manifestations of progressive renal disease
by Timothy D. O’Brian DVM, Carl A. Osbourne DVM PhD,
Barry L. Yano DVM PhD, Donald M. Barnes DVM PhD

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind by Jeff Grognet, DVM, B.Sc. (Agr.)

Cloud Land Dogs

Coats of Many Colors by Cassandra de la Rosa

Color and Deafness in Dogs by Dr. George M. Strain

Color Genes  by Dr. John Armstrong

Comment on tail carriage by Nancy Plunkett

Comparative Placentation Domestic Dog by K. Benirschke

Congenital Renal Diseases By George E. Lees. DMV, MS

Creating A New Breed by Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Cryptorchidism provided by Golden Animal Hospital.

Current Research on Hereditary Renal Dysplasia by Dr. Catherine Marley

Current thoughts on canine cranial cruciate ligament disease by Eithne J. Comerford

Defining Quality of Life by Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed

Defusing Dominance by Gillian Ridgeway


Diarrhea by Deb Dempsey

Dietary Recommendation for Reproduction Dr. Milan Hess

Discussion regarding square muzzle objectionable

DNA swab sampling instructions

Dog DNA study reveals new role for protein by Julie Steenhuysen

Dog Gone Pain shared by Vickie Kuhlmann

Dog Parks compiled by Debby Rothman

Dogging It In India by Jason Lynn

Dogs without borders by Gillian Ridgeway

Dominant with incomplete penetrance Definition by Dr. Mary Whiteley

Ear mites

Early Neurological Stimulation by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

Early Spay-Neuter Considerations for the Canine Athlete by Chris Zink DVM, PhD, DACVP

Eliminating Mutation The Impossible Dream by Dr. John Armstrong

Enzymological characterization of a putative canine analogue
of primary hyperoxaluria type 1
by Christopher J. Danpure, Patricia R. Jennings, Johan H. Jansen

Euthanasia What To Expect by Dr. T. J. Dunn, Jr.

Evergreen vet to be featured on Animal Planet Canyon Courier

Evolution caught in the Act by Jim Selzer

Familial Kidney Disease by Dr. Catherine Marley

FCI Standard

Feedback A final thought

Feeding a Dog with Kidney Disease by Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

For The Love of Our Veterans by Gay Dunlap

Found An 1897 Standard by Leslie Baumann

Funday Sunnies Fine Art by Jeff Leedy

Gene Expression by Scripps Research Institute

General Information on Renal Dysplasia by Mary H. Whiteley, Ph.D.

Genes affecting coat colour and pattern in domestic dogs
by S. M. Schmutz and T. G. Berryere

Genetic Evidence for an East Asian Origin of Domestic Dogs by Peter Savolainen

Genetic Management of Dog Populations by Ir. Ed. J. Gubbels

Genetic Structure of the Purebred Domestic Dog by Heidi G. Parker

Genetics 101 – lecture 1

Genetics 101 – lecture 2

Genetics 101 – lecture 3

Genetics 101 – lecture 4

Genetics and Evolution 101 adapted from the University of Cal-Berkeley’s webpage

Genetics and the Shape of Dogs by Elaine A. Ostrander

Get a Grip on Fido’s emtions by Denise Flaim

Get Ready by Cassandra de la Rosa

Glucosamine by Jeff Grognet, DVM, B.Sc. (Agr.)

Hair Length and Temperature Tolerance by Robert Jay Russell, Ph.D.

Heartworm History and Prevention by Jeff Grognet, DVM

Hereditary Kidney Disease in Dogs by Catherine A Picut VMD, Robert M. Lewis DVM

Holding Onto The “Little People” An interview with Kerstin Handrich

Holy Dogs Part 1 by Gerald D’Aoust

Holy Dogs Part 2 by Gerald D’Aoust

Holy Dogs Part 3 by Gerald D’Aoust

House training Your Lhasa Apso by Vickie Kuhlmann

How Do People Celebrate In Tibet

How Do You Know When It’s Time by Hilary Brown Owner, VetPet veterinary e-list

Important Health Updates by Cassandra de la Rosa

In My Own Words by Vickie Kuhlmann

Incest in Nature by William Saletan

Interview with Lama Gyen Yeshe by Barbara Ratledge

Interview with Lama Gyen Yeshe by Gerald DAoust

Intro by Julie Timbers to our RD talk

Kennel with Class

Lamarck Revisited

Landrace Definition

Landraces posted on CANGEN

Leslie Baumann’s Letter to Owners

Leslie Baumann’s Post Regarding the RD Test

Lessons in Anatomy by Debby Rothman

Lessons from a Blind Dog by Vickie Kuhlmann

Letter from Madame de Zarobe to Dr. Marley

Lhasa Apso AKC FLyer

Lhasa Apso Kidney Research_1975 by D. R. Finco

Lick Granulomas compilation of articles found on the internet

Loki A Life of Courage

Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dogs
by Laura J. Sanborn, M.S.

Made in Tibet by Catherine Marley, M.D

Mary Cabot Wheelwright by Richard McCord


Motivation The Heart of the Matter by Roger Hild

Multifarious Forms by Dr. Gareth Morgan-Jones

Muscles are Crucial by Sian Kwa

Myths and Legends about The Lhasa Apso Head by Catherine Marley M.D.

Natural Allergy Relief by Barton Wendel

Nature vs. Nuture by Pat Rock

Neokarma One by Gerald D’Aoust

Neokarma Two by Gerald D’Aoust

Neutering and other Veterinary treatments in the New Millennium
by Chris Zink DVM, PhD, DACVP

No Guts No Glory By Mary C. Voss

Nothing in Life is Free by Deb McKean

On Guard by Lisa Rodier

Outfitting A First-Aid Kit by Jeff Grognet, DVM, B.Sc. (Agr.)

Pathology of Urinary System

Pet Drugs are Subject of Safety Fears by Jeff Donn

Physical Therapy for Dogs Prone to Luxating Patellas by Debby Rothman

Popular Sires and Population Genetics by C.A. Sharp

Porcelain Lhasa Apso
originally printed in the April/May 1978 issue of The Lhasa Apso Reporter

Pre-Loss Bereavement and the Power of Bargaining by Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed.

Preserving The Past The Gompa Lhasa Apso by Debby Rothman

Progesterone data from Dr. Hess

Progressive nephropathy due to renal dysplasia
by A. Hoppe, L Swenson, L Jonnson, A. Hedhammer

Proper Shoulders by Julie Borst Reed

Puppy Biting by Ian Dunbar


Quick Inexpensive Grooming Table Transformation by Joyce Johanson

Raisin The Alarm by Laurinda Morrise, DVM

RD Tables

Recycled Beauty by Leigh Silverman

Relationship The Hidden Motivator by Chad Mackin

Relationship Between Age and Tibial Plateau Angle in Dogs with Cranial Crutiate Rupture
From Surgical Referral Service (Zeltzman, Paré, Robbins, Gendreau)

Removing The Skunk Smell

Removing the Stigma of Genetic Disease by Jerold S. Bell, DVM

Renal Dysplasia DNA Testing by Dr. Mary Whitely

Reporter Interviews Carl A. Osborne, DVM

Rising Yeast by Dr. Boyd Harrell

Rosettes to Ruin by Patrick Burns

Sadie’s Yeast Infection:  How we over came Malassezia Pachydermatitis by Katy Widger


Science of Vaccine Damage by Catherine O’Driscoll

Seizures by Jeff Grognet, D.V.M., D.Sc.

Shampoo Therapy in Dogs and Cats by Anthony A. Yu, BSc, DVM

Shattering The Myths by Debby Rothman

Shoulders by Dr. Catherine Marley

Sir Lionel Jacobs

Snip-Snip-Snip by Pat Keen

Sorting Out Skin Diseases from Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook

Soundness First by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

Spay/Neuter Myths: An Alternative Viewpoint – Cogitate On It by Roger Hild

Spinning the Dog by Els Van Dam


Structure Of The Eye

Stubborn as a Mule by Peggy Swager

Tango’s Episode – suture reaction 

The Brindle Gene by Debby Rothman

The Common Thread by Debby Rothman

The Cornea from Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook

The Downside of Inbreeding: It’s Time For a New Approach by C.A. Sharp

The Effect of Inbreeding on the Immune System by Sue Thatcher

The Genetics of Cream Coat Color in Dogs by Sheila M. Schmutz and Tom G. Berryere

The Gompa Apsos by Cassandra de la Rosa

The Immune System by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

The Importance of Beauty by Catherine McMillan

The Inheritance of Coat Color in the Lhasa Apso by J.E. James

The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis Genetic Diversity and Genetic Disease Control
 by Dr. Jerold Bell

The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

The Lhasa Standard Vague or Concise by Cassandra de la Rose

The Long and the Short of It by Catherine Marley, M.D.

The Long-Term Health Effects of SpayNeuter in Dogs by Laura Sanborn

The Most Common Orthopedic Problem by Dr. Michael Bauer

The Newcomer’s Field Guide to Dog Show People by Linda Hazen Lewin

The Peaceable Kingdom

The Poodle And The Chocolate Cake by Dr. John Armstrong

The Rising Storm What Breeders Need to Know
About the Immune System by by C.A. Sharp

The Science and Art of Bathing Dogs by Karla Addington-Smith

The Secret by E. Katie Gammill

The Shallow End of the Gene Pool
by D. Caroline Coile Ph.D.,Susan Thorpe-Vargas Ph.D.,& John Cargill M.S.

The Stillman Letter written by Marie Stillman circa early 60s

The Terrified Monks In Tibet

The Tragic Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring in America by Carol D. Hawke

The Ultimate FooFoo Returns To Its Historic Roots by Chris Robinson

The Unofficial Tibetan Lhasa Apso Standard

The Value of a National Specialty by Cassandra de la Rosa

This Miserable Thing By Cassandra de la Rosa

Thyroid Problems of the Basenji Dog by Linda Daves Siekert C.V.T., V.D.T.

Tibet and Tibetan dogs West Tibet 2002
by Primoz Peer

Tibet Submitted by Robin Lowy

Tibetan Dog Monastery by Margaret Cho  

Tibetan Terriers in Tibet Today by Primoz Peer

Titres and their relation to vaccination by Jeff Grognet, DVM, BSC. (Agr.)

Traumatic eye prolapse by Jeff Grognet, D.V.M., B.Sc.(Agr.)

Treating Yoyo Testicles

True Tibetan Terriers by Mark James 

Two Left Turns Don’t Make It Right by Dr. Al Grossman

UKC Standard

Umbilical cord tear treatment by Ronny Junkins

Understanding Front Assembly by Julie Timbers

Understanding Fronts by Richard G.Beauchamp

Unwanted White by Leandra Little

Urine Collection by Catherine Marley M.D.

Using NSAIDs by Jeff Grognet, D.V.M., B.Sc.(Agr.)

Vaccine Guidelines

Vickie’s Big Question: How about the general decline of interest in the breed?
this exchange appeared on Dr. Catherine Marley’s breederslist/

What About the Lhasa Apso by Madame Yolande de Zarobe

What is Renal Dysplasia? compiled by Dr. Catherine Marley

What’s Eating Them  Food Allergies by Jeff Grognet, DVM

Whelping Supplies by Debby Rothman

When Is an Egg Not an Egg by Warren M. Hern, M.D.

When Fire Comes Rescuers Round Up Pets by Stephen Knapp
June 7, 2006 Canyon Courier 

Where Have All The Breeders Gone? by Gay Dunlap

Where have the traditional breeds gone? by Passang Norbu

Whew! Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny by Brandon Keim

Why Bother With the Gompa dogs by Cassandra de le Rosa AKC Gazette

Wild Eyed by Marisa Beahm The Reporter-Herald

Yeast treatment – Rx

You’re Welcome! Hotels Where The Well-heeled Sit and Stay by Leslie C. Smith