1897 Bhuteer Terrier Standard
1901 Lionel Jacobs Standard

1935 Standard
ACL Tears
A life-saving acupuncture point
A Gathering Storm

A Living Love
A New Kind of Breeder
A Night to Remember Tibet – Revisiting Our Past
A Pathway? Or a Superhighway?
A Radical Regime for Recalcitrant Rovers
A Study of Renal Dysplasia
About Gompa Lhasa Apsos
American Kennel Club Standard
Anal Glands
Anatomy Muscles are Crucial
Anatomy of the Ear
An Ancient Passage…A Modern Treasure
An Unpublished Editorial
Australian Standard
Basic Genetic Concepts
Breadth of Pedigree
Breaking The Silence Part 1
Breaking The Silence Part 2
Breaking The Silence Part 3
Breeding For The Difference
Breeding Management
British Standard
But Doc, the Dog’s Already Dead!
But Where are the Lhasas of Yesteryear
Canadian Standard
Canine Atopy
Center Stage West with Mary Schroeder and Debby Rothman
Changing Criteria
Cherry Eye
Chinese Medicine
Choosing Euthanasia for your Pet
Color Genes
Congenital Renal Diseases
Creating A New Breed
Defining Quality of Life

Dietary Recommendation for Reproduction
Dogging It In India
Dogs without borders
Dr. Johanna Budwig
Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Diet and Protocol Testimonials
Early Spay-Neuter Considerations for the Canine Athlete
Eliminating Mutation: The Impossible Dream
Euthanasia… What to Expect
Familial Kidney Disease
Feeding a Dog with Kidney Disease
FCI Standard
Film Premier Notice
Found An 1897 Standard
Gene Expression
Genetic Management of Dog Populations
Genetic Structure of the Purebred Domestic Dog
Genetics and Evolution 101
Genetics and the Shape of Dogs
Get a Grip on Fido’s Emotions
Hair Length and Temperature Tolerance
Heartworm: History and Prevention
Himalayan Regions
Holding onto “The Little People”
Holy Dogs of Tibet Intro and Chapter One
Holy Dogs of Tibet Chapter Two
Holy Dogs of Tibet Chapter Three
Housetraining Your Lhasa Apso
How Do You Know When It’s Time
Important Health Updates
Interview with Lama Gyen Yeshe )Ratledge)
Interview with Lama Gyen Yeshe (D’Aoust)
Lamarck Revisited
Leslie’s Excellent Post regarding the RD Test
Leslie’s Letter to Pet Owners
Letter from Madame de Zarobe to Dr. Marley
Lhasa Apso AKC Breed Flyer
Lick Granulomas
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Wylie
Loki: A Life of Courage
Made in Tibet
Motivation The Heart of the Matter
Multifarious Forms
Nature vs. Nuture
Neokarma Part One
Neokarma Part Two
No Guts, No Glory
Nothing in Life is Free
Pets Drugs are Subject of Safety Fears
Porcelain Lhasa Apso
Pre-Loss Bereavement and the Power of Bargaining
Preserving The Past
Puppy Biting
Rabies Challenge Fund
Raisin The Alarm
Recycled Beauty
Relationship The Hidden Motivator
Removing the Stigma of Genetic Disease
Renal Dysplasia Tables
Roger Hild
Rosettes to Ruin
Science of Vaccine Damage
Shattering The Myths
Socializing at Starbucks
Sorting Out Skin Diseases
Soundness First!
Structure of the eye
Stubborn as a Mule
The Brindle Gene
The Common Thread
The Cornea
The Downside of Inbreeding
The Effect of Inbreeding on the Immune System
The Gompa Apsos
The Immune System
The Importance of Beauty
The Lhasa Apso Standard: Vague or Concise?
The Monks and The Lhasa Apsos
The Newcomer’s Field Guide to Dog Show People
The Price of Popularity: Popular Sires and Population Genetics

The Rising Storm
The Secret
The Shallow End of the Gene Pool
The Stillman Letter
The Tragic Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring in America
The Ultimate Foo-Foo Returns To Its Historic Roots
The Unofficial Tibetan Lhasa Apso Standard
The Value of a National Specialty
This Miserable Thing
Thyroid Problems of the Basenji Dog
Tibet and Tibetan Dogs
Tibetan Dog Monastery
Tibetan Terriers in Tibet Today
Traumatic eye prolapse
Two Left Turns Don’t Make It Right
UKC Standard
Understanding Fronts
Understanding Front Assembly
Using NSAIDs
Vickie’s Big Question
What About the Lhasa Apso
What Is Renal Dysplasia
Whelping andĀ Supplies
Whew! Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny
When Fire Comes Rescuers Round Up Pets