Native Stock Committee

This past week American Lhasa Apso Club members should have received a voting packet. Ballots must be postmarked by March 5th. So….by the Ides of March I will know the results. This represents the past several years as ALAC Native Stock Committee Chair and nearly a decade of my work with the Gompa dogs. You can learn the details here.

Himalayan Animal Rescue Team

Vickie shared this photo from the Himalayan Animal Rescue Team website:

This organization’s founder is Juliette Cunliffe. From the author information in All About The Lhasa Apso:

Despite her love of animals from a very young age, during the early years of her life Juliette Cunliffe had to make do with a variety of pets ranging from garden worms to guinea pigs. When she was eleven her father eventually gave permission for the first family canine companion, a Rough collie.

With several years spent away from home whilst studying and working abroad, it was not until the mid 1970s that she was able to become fully involved in the world of dogs. Owner of Lhasa Apsos and hounds breeds, she is a successful breeder and exhibitor and in a Championship Show judge of Lhasa Apsos, ass well as a judge of other breeds. Her special interest in Tibetan and related dogs extends also to the Tibetan people and to the country itself.

She holds the Canine Studies Institutes Judging Diploma and Breeding Certificate, is Hon Secretary of the Lhasa Apso Club and is a breed-note correspondent for Our Dogs, a weekly canine newspaper.

Expanding our gene pool…

Sunday Julie gave the presentation I presented last October in Pennsylvania to the American Lhasa Apso Club….which is where I’ve been the past week or so. Not in Minnesota, but trying to make final preparations so Julie could pull if off smoothly, with all the necessary components. As some of you may know, about 2 years ago I was appointed chairman of ALAC’s newly formed Native Stock Committee. The Breeders Education Committee of ALAC invited me to give that presentation, which included updating members on the Gompa dogs. Ergo, the film Ancient Treasure – The Remake.

This presentation will be given around the country in the upcoming months. The next one will be here in the Denver area. Please join us!

Buried in editing

The best laid plans of mice and men. Buried in the film for the past three days, there’s still plenty of work to do on it. The presentation is three weeks from tomorrow! If you can’t find me on the blog or at the shop grooming dogs, I’ll be in the editing room.

Can’t imagine what it was like to edit a film prior to the digital age!

There’s a stockpile of things waiting for the blog…alongside the emails that keep piling up. All will have to wait.

Native Tibetan Woman with Apso


This beautiful photo was taken by the late Barbara Ratledge, Las-A-Rab Lhasa Apsos in Canada. Barbara made several trips to the Himalayas and was an avid supporter of the Gompa dogs. During one of her trips she met, and interviewed, Lama Gyen Yeshe.