Available Lhasa Apsos

the traveling companions of our memories forever.”
From “Up Country” by Nelson De Mille

We remain involved in our lineage including upcoming litters from our lines. Ch. Kunza Drin Lan at FFT Melou sired a litter out of GCH CH MACH2 MeLou Shambhala MXS MJG August 30. There are three males and three females; several already placed. If you are interested in purchasing one of Myth’s puppies, please fill out this questionnaire

It’s been interesting to witness things unfold since Julie and I made the decision to no longer breed.  Although I haven’t actively sought forever homes for the dogs, they are going where they need to go. Sky with Peter. Siku and Tigle are with Elizabeth. Takpa and Ananda, kennelmates, went to live with an elderly Gompa. Whisper has been Eileen for almost two years. Margo with Athena and Jimmy. Danba is with Susan. Oddly enough…perhaps even Norma Jean will go to a home of her own.

Norma Jean


Although no longer breeding ourselves, we remain involved in our lineage including upcoming litters from our lines. Responsible for each of these dogs, from conception throughout their life, we are extremely careful about choosing homes for Lhasa Apsos from our lineage. We have taken great care to ensure our dogs’ good temperaments, healthy genes and that each is a nice representative of this ancient breed. Most new owners choose to fly or drive and hand carry their new Lhasa Apso back to its Forever Home.  If you are interested in purchasing a Lhasa Apso from our lineage, please fill out this questionnaire