The latest on the puppies

Puppies are doing wonderful!  Lots of firsts this past week. Moved into the kitchen to be exposed to all the noises and goings on in the home.  Aspen, my daughter’s Viszla stayed with us for 10 days, and the puppies learned to love her, not at all fazed by her size and exuberance.  They were also introduced to solid food, which they are liking it a little more each day, although their favorite thing to do is walk through the food. They have really started interacting with each other and playing with toys. They are very outgoing and exploring all the new things in their lives.

One Comment on “The latest on the puppies”

  1. Lucas Green says:

    Just adorable! I guess, all of them would be fully grown champion dogs by now. Would you please share the latest pictures of these furballs?

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