More puppy fun at 6 1/2 weeks

The puppies are being exposed to different obstacles, which in turn is ingraining the fact that it is ok to walk on different textures, things that move or go into the dark.  All the puppies in the litter can do this little luring exercise, as shown in the video.  Their mom taught them how to go through the tunnel and they run and play chase through it all the time.  A board that moves?  No worries, the  puppies know they get a treat when they go on it. The importance of allowing the puppies to explore and build their self esteem at this young age will allow the puppies adjust to new situations that much easier as they mature.
(The puppy in the video is spoken for-she is staying with us!  Meet FFT Woodlyn’s Escape From The Cold , call name “Maui”)

2 Comments on “More puppy fun at 6 1/2 weeks”

  1. Zenzi says:

    So well done! What a pleasure to look your video!

  2. Eileen Greco says:

    Just a pleasure to watch. Just love how you’re raising them ,

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