6 1/2 weeks

In this video we see Harper playing with her puppies.   Teaching her puppies about “appropriate” play is just one of the many things a mother dog teaches, and it is the reason allowing the puppies to stay with their mom and littermates until an older age is so important.

2 Comments on “6 1/2 weeks”

  1. katywidger says:

    This is the reason that breeders of merit are so very important to the long term health and well-being of pure-bred dogs. We need them! I am so very blessed to have three dogs from FFT, who are all so very well socialized and unafraid! Thank you, Debbie and Julie, for all you have done for the Lhasa Apso in America and the world!

  2. Maribeth Anderson says:

    Adorable 😍

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