Himalayan Animal Rescue Team

Vickie shared this photo from the Himalayan Animal Rescue Team website:

This organization’s founder is Juliette Cunliffe. From the author information in All About The Lhasa Apso:

Despite her love of animals from a very young age, during the early years of her life Juliette Cunliffe had to make do with a variety of pets ranging from garden worms to guinea pigs. When she was eleven her father eventually gave permission for the first family canine companion, a Rough collie.

With several years spent away from home whilst studying and working abroad, it was not until the mid 1970s that she was able to become fully involved in the world of dogs. Owner of Lhasa Apsos and hounds breeds, she is a successful breeder and exhibitor and in a Championship Show judge of Lhasa Apsos, ass well as a judge of other breeds. Her special interest in Tibetan and related dogs extends also to the Tibetan people and to the country itself.

She holds the Canine Studies Institutes Judging Diploma and Breeding Certificate, is Hon Secretary of the Lhasa Apso Club and is a breed-note correspondent for Our Dogs, a weekly canine newspaper.

One Comment on “Himalayan Animal Rescue Team”

  1. H! Many thanks for your kindness in mentioning Himalayan Animal Rescue Team above, but unfortunately the link doesn’t go anywhere.

    We should be ver grateful if you could please add our new web site as per above.

    (Great confusion has been caused because a new charity, also using the acronym ‘HART’, has taken over our old site address, so we need to make things as clear as possible to everyone.)

    Many thanks in anticipation of your help. Regards Juliette

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