Alma and Roadie…and teeth

Heard from Alma:

Debbie, I took Roadie to the vet for a check up since he is now 6 years.    He weighs 21.9 lbs, heart good, ears and Eyes good.  He told me to wipe his  teeth with a  wash cloth ????  Don’t know about that (smile)  I  give him the denta stick by Pedigree after eating.

The groomer cut some of the hair  off of eyes,, don’t know if it was an inverted cut or not.  He looks like he is looking out from under an awning (smile).  He looks something like Dante on your website.


Alma &

So, I’m curious what the rest of you to maintain the health of your dog’s teeth.

2 Comments on “Alma and Roadie…and teeth”

  1. Susan M says:

    Well, I’ve been loathe to answer because…..I don’t do anything at all, and it’s embarrassing.
    Eventually each of the dogs goes to the vet for an anesthetized dental procedure, but except for that they are on their own. I do give them just a small bit of dry kibble with each meal (thinking that might help); and they each get a bit of dried duck breast (from Cadet) after each meal (which also just might help????) but brush ’em? Nope; not me. Sorry, puppies….


  2. Katy says:

    I’m also loathe to answer because, well….I don’t do anything to clean my dogs teeth, either. And I’m also that “weirdo” who feeds her dogs “uncooked” meat. But I have learned that almost anything except raw meat/bone, will eventually put tarter on your dog’s teeth, which eventually requires removal of some sort. Even when I was feeding Primal/Nature’s Variety, and raw chicken necks, they still developed some tarter. Since I have switched them to the , ahem, here we go, that weird stuff: prey model raw, which I buy mostly at the grocery store in the meat department, the tarter has disappeared from their teeth…….seems to have something to do with the chewing action, especially on the back teeth, which acts to “brush” their teeth and remove caked-on tarter. And the lack of tarter deposit in the first place, which I’m beginning to believe is any and all cooked food and especially carbs, such as veggies and grains.

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