Luxating patellas

Susan wrote:

I know that the Gompas are particularly susceptible to this: I’ve seen

it in at least one Gompa that I know;   my vet has diagnosed it in at
least one of mine,  but until just now I have never seen it manifested.
As of a few days ago I started to notice that particular "skip walk" in
Rinchen.  What I am guessing is that although he has always had a
patella that was subject to luxating that for some reason it is just now
actually acting up and hurting him????  Do you have a course of action you can
suggest for me? 

Not long after the Gompas came to live with me, I met with an excellent physical 
therapist. Planned breedings do take patellas into account, but with such a small
number of dogs, it's going to take some time to breed away from luxating patellas.
Marty Peace, the physical therapist and Canine Conditioning and Rehabilitation Group,
was so helpful. You can read what I compiled here.

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