Sweet Spot

Once a week, included in Rick’s daily news from the Denver Post is a small pullout section called Your Hub. The focus is local, community oriented. Adding a small delight to my evening, I saw this…

And now wish I’d stopped to take a photo of the marquee at the entrance to the fairgrounds. Dark had settled in. Right up there, in bright lights, scrolling across the marquee along with other happenings was Dog Training with Ana’s number. It would have been a cool photo…if I could have captured it without blur. Or, perhaps, with a blur. Shutter speed, Deb. Remember your shutter speed.

A couple of weeks ago Elliot, Edie, Norma Jean and I – especially I, especially me – started agility training on Monday nights. I made the evening leap to dog class because of Ana and Lori. They are awesome dog trainers! I love going to class. Sweet Spot, indeed!

5 Comments on “Sweet Spot”

  1. Susan M says:

    Oh boy, I just got off the phone setting up an appointment to start Rinchen in an agility training class beginning in March. Saturdays at noon. And his buddy, Tashi (Maltese/Lhasa mix) will be going too.


  2. lhasalhady says:

    Cool!! How did you decide Rinchen would be the lucky dog?

    I can see this crowd has been a ‘bad’ influence on you. Thinking of kennels. Starting agility. BTW, Margo will be enrolled in Agility Foundations in a few months. She’s been through several training classes, including Family Dog. She begs to work, to play the game. Think of the possibilities down the road….

  3. Susan M says:

    Why Rinchen? Well, let’s see.
    Rinchen is the first of my Gompas and seems never quite sure that any of the others is really a plus for him. One reason to do this with him is to remind him that he is special.

    Also he is the most energetic and the most interested in playing “with me”. And he’s probably the most reliably responsive to me as I learn how to do this along with him.

    And (unlike both Raji and Pony) he doesn’t have any essential skepticism about outsiders….

    And all of those are things I figured out AFTER I decided it would be Rinchen….not before….:-))))))))

  4. Judy Gregurich says:

    Rumor begins her agility classes in April (after the snow melts). She loves the jumps, tunnel and weave poles we have in the back yard, so now we will see how reticent she is with other dogs. Agility brings you and your dog closer together., and it’s grerat excerise for both of us.

  5. lhasalhady says:

    I’m delighted to hear Rumor, too, will be joining Rinchen, Elliot and Edie learning agility. It sounds like you’ve done this before?? Not everyone has jumps, tunnels and weave poles in the back yard.

    Melissa and Mary, see how you’ve inspired us all!

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