Kennel dreams…

Susan wrote:

Good morning, Debby,

My friends Dan and Marti and I are talking about the possibility of adding a small house to their “agricultural” zoned property on the Big Island of Hawaii. They have 8 acres and we think we can build another small house — for me and my dogs. Since the land is zoned agricultural, in order to build another house, we will need to submit a “farm plan” etc., etc., etc. One of the possible uses for land zoned this way is a kennel. Which leads me to two questions: what resources can you recommend to me teach me what I would need to know to have a very small basic kennel. I’ve probably got enough dogs of my own to qualify as a kennel, so I may not have to do much, but….I’m curious. Of course it also occurs to me that it might be a worthy enterprise to have a boy and a girl Lhasa or Gompa there to raise a few puppies, but ….that is a whole other/later possibility which would only come into play if/as/when I decided to move there permanently. My current idea is to be there for the months of the year when even CA has become too cold to be pleasant…..
Okay, wasting your time here, but thanks for any directions you can send me in search of information.


Let’s open this up for discussion. There are any number of ways dog people design their kennel. From a separate building to a laundry room turned kennel room. I love kennel design! Even had a kennel setup class in vet tech school…never mind all the many years I’ve lived with a kennel, in one form or another. My dream kennel would be attached with a well-lit breezeway, perhaps just off the kitchen. Years ago, I came across my Dream Kennel in a non-doggy magazine…

Click here for a larger view.

2 Comments on “Kennel dreams…”

  1. Susan M says:

    Wow, that’s pretty fancy digs.

    I’ve fantasized about raising a few Gompas “from scratch” , but my life here in Santa Rosa has been just too full for me to engage completely enough.

    Now I’m dreaming that a new life in Hawaii — with so much less extraneous baggage and with more time and more property and better weather — might be just what I need to make it possible.


  2. Julie says:

    If I could rebuild my kennel it would also be connected to the house or the garage with a breeze way to seperate. You want them close enough to hear any major commotion that is going on and far enough away to keep the smells an daily barking to a minimum.
    Indoor/out door runs with concrete floors with drains in to be able to wash the floors down. Seperation between each indoor run to prevent cage fighting. Covered outdoor runs are a must!d I’m sure there are books with kennel designs, you need to think about is it just for your dogs or would this be a small business? Oh a sink and water hook up with it own washer and dryer for all those dirty doggy blankets

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