Dogs in Review covers…

My mom subscribed to lots of dog magazines. I remember them all. Poodle Review.  AKC Gazette. Poodle Fancy. Dog World (when its heart was AKC show dogs). Kennel Review was the elite all-breed magazine. I read them as a teen-ager. I devoured them, while in vet tech school, on visits back home. After I moved to Colorado, she’d save her magazines for me. Rick hated coming home with another 2-foot pile of more dog magazines!

After mom died in 1997, I took over the subscriptions to her dog magazines. On her dollar, I read Canine Chronicle well into the 21st century. As an AKC judge Mary receives numerous magazines. Like mom, she shares, in particular the all-breed magazines. Canine Chronicle. And the fabulous Dogs In Review. Advertising has morphed over the years, from black & white photos complete with a dog’s pedigree and owner contact information to brand building the name of a dog in contention for the #1 spot. While I love looking at the ads themselves, as a die-hard breeder I admit bias to Old School ads with pedigree info.

I love Dogs in Review! It is classy! Alongside the artsy ads are interesting articles. This morning, via Facebook, Dogs in Review posted an album titled Dogs in Review Covers.  This particular shot was taken by the very talented dog photographer Lisa Croft Elliott.

Use the links in the upper right hand corner of the album – previous and next – to navigate the album of covers.

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