Monday the coolest thing happened.

For several years, in an effort to take better photos and learn something new, I’ve been reading, looking at great photos, listening to podcasts and, yes, pushing that shutter button now and again. A favorite podcast is Camera Dojo, hosted by Kerry Garrison. The original focus was on wedding photography – think art photos. The podcast has grown and morphed into current conversations about technique. Several months ago Kerry interviewed Jamie Pflughoeft, Cowbelly Photography in Seattle. Her focus is pet photography, so I really enjoyed that particular conversation.

For the past year, every month or so, someone has come into my grooming shop, leaving issues of Mile High Dog Magazine. The cover is always a beautiful photo of, what else? Dogs. Said person picks up any left over magazines for recycling…which I thought was awesome.

A month or two back, an article featured Jaime Rowe Photography. Like some of the other photographers, I’ve ‘met’ via podcasts, I became a fan of Jaime’s on Facebook….which means I’m often treated to awesome photos…usually wedding photos and now dog photos.

Monday when a representative from Mile Hi Dog Magazine came into the shop, wanting the owner to know how an article in her magazine had enriched my life – added relish, as Cort would say – I inquired if she was the owner. No, she replied. I’m a photographer. Guess what?! It was Jaime! And guess what else?! Jamie Pflughoeft was her mentor! Talk about a small world!

Just this past weekend, via Facebook, Jaime introduced her updated blog, asking for input ‘pretty please with sugar on top’. The photos are stunning, including her photos from France. Be sure to scroll down if you hop over to her blog.

This world of photographers is unbelievable, really. So giving of time and knowledge. I’ve learned that often they help each other, assisting as a second shooter. I mentioned something about that to Jaime (not that I have the expertise to be a second shooter!). She said there’s a nice group of local photographers and made me feel welcome. How awesome is that?!

One Comment on “Photographers…”

  1. Kathy says:

    Nice entry, Debby! Unbelievable pictures!

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