Flawed Dogs

Last night I woke up in the wee hours and finished this book. This morning I had to clean the dried tears from my glasses. Tears of laughter. Tears of joy. And a few tears of… ?? regret ??

From the inside book jacket of Flawed Dogs, The Novel, The Shocking Raid on Westminster:

Keep it quiet, but the world’s most famous dog show is about to be attacked. Who are the daring but atrociously bred commandos led by a suspiciously beautiful dachshund?

Not at all what they seem, that’s for certain.

You may not know it by looking at him – what with his scars and soup ladle for a leg – but Sam was once a stunning dachshund with a girl who loved him and a destiny to dog show glory. That is until Cassius, an ambitious and jealous poodle, sent his life into a wild descent of calamity and sorrow.

Now Sam wants revenge. And what better way to get it than to sabotage Cassius’s chances at winning best in show at Westminster? Sam recruits a ragtrag team of dogs whose flaws are perfect for mischief making, among them gargantuan Tusk, pint-sized Wee Will, and Pooft, whose gastric eruptions flare to the fiery disadvantage of anyone unfortunate enough to be on his wrong side. Westminster has never seen a show like this.

In this heartfelt novel, both tragic and hilarious, from the mind of Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip creator Berkely Breathed, young readers will be rooting for the underdog. Literally.

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