Stevie..takes the money and runs

On this snowy Sunday morning in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains I’d like to share about Stevie. Named after Steve Miller, Stevie is a female. She, along with her two brothers, are named after Steve Miller Band songs. Joker is FFT The Joker. Maurice is FFT Space Cowboy (’cause he speaks with the pompitous of love). Actually the boys’ names come from the same song. And Stevie is FFT Take The Money and Run.

A beautiful puppy…


Stevie was awarded Best In Sweepstakes at both the LACCC Specialty in September and the TCLAC Specialty in August…


Shown very selectively, she was awarded her first major at the LACCC Specialty in September by breeder/judge Barbara Schwartz and her second major National Specialty week under Dr. Penta. At the ALAC National Specialty she was RWB, posing like a supermodel…



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