Sunday morning services..

With do apologies to those who attend their church of choice… Sunday morning services. A familiar saying between Rick and his long-time friends.

Last Sunday, awaking to snow, snow, embracing snow, I took  photos of my Sunday morning ritual. Hot coffee in a favorite cup (purchased at the Guggenheim Museum the year Rick and I met Tim and Julie in New York City for C’est La Vie’s debut at the Westminster Dog Show). Vegetables ready to chop for Dog Soup, added to kibble and raw meat.

In the pot…

The furnace is set to come on early in the morning, but there’s nothing roasty, toasty like the warm heat produced by the wood stove. Sometimes I sit in front of it, sipping coffee, watching it catch.

Still life of Smelly Things from Mitch…

From one cozy wood fire to the next, last Sunday Rick and I spent the day on top of a mountain with a 360 degree view. Melissa and I soaked in the hot tub while the guys watched football. After the game we ate steaks and salad and asparagus. I love having nearby friends! Ten minutes and we’re home again, home again lickety split.

It has been a year of transition. It has been a year of letting go. And grabbing on. It is not the Same As It Ever Was. Things – old and new – to be embraced. Or embrace me. The snow. Kelly. Producing and editing. Old friends. Photography. New friends. The dogs. Carpe Diem! 


2 Comments on “Sunday morning services..”

  1. shelley says:

    My father always said the only WAS change…seemed so mystical when I was little and the only concrete of late

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Dog Soup

    Start to heat pan of water; enough water to moisten all the kibble.

    Remove Soup Bone from frig. (Current Soup Bone started as a leftover chicken thigh). Place in pan of water.

    Look in frig for appropriate leftovers and/or vegetables and/or fruit that is just ‘beyond’ appeal to me. Cut up veggies and/or fruit.

    Simmer Dog Soup until the house smells good. Pour into kibble. Soak until kibble absorbs liquid.

    Add raw meat.


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