Susan wonders…@ dog stairs

Now that Raji has recovered, I need to find a better way for her to get
up onto the bed than leaping from the side.
The bed is high off the ground  — 32″ or so.
Rinchen jumps onto the cedar chest at the bottom of the bed and up from
Sammy and Pony jump onto a shorter hamper and then to the cedar chest
and up from there.
Raji persists in wanting to come all the way up at the side.

So….I’m thinking about getting some of those plastic or memory foam
sets of steps.
Would you/could you inquire as to whether any of the readers of your
blog have any suggestions for brands, etc.

Thanks from all of us.
Susan, Raji, Rinchen, Sammy and Pony

dog stairs

5 Comments on “Susan wonders…@ dog stairs”

  1. Kathy says:

    We have been using a 38″ by 21″ ramp for the pack for several years. Sophie has chronic back trouble that will flair up from time to time and our vet advised a ramp over the use of stairs. He said the ramp is much easier on the dogs backs, reducing muscle stress. All the dogs use the ramp…sometimes it looks like a gymnastics meet! There are different size ramps available, including a foam, 2 part ramp that decreases the steep incline that you might need for your 32″ bed height. Fosters Smith Catalog offers many ramp options.

  2. Susan M says:

    Ah, wonderful. Thanks, Kathy. I had wondered about ramps, which seem daunting to me as a human but would at least eliminate the problem of choosing exactly the right step height, depth to accommodate all four of the dogs, each of whom is a different height and length.

    I will definitely look into a ramp….


  3. Look at — he has several options, all custom made. Be careful with steps, that they are deep enough. I have some “children steps” that we gave up as not deep enough……..we do ottomans, foam cusions, even very sturdy padded storeage bins. Some of the foam steps I’ve seen, maybe a very small dog wouldn’t have problems. Not big enough for my lhasas. Sometimes a local handyman looking for business can constuct carpeted ramps, steps.

  4. Susan M says:

    As an interim measure I pulled two of the drawers out of the chestbed, supported them with a piece of 2 X 4, put a piece of plywood and several layers of padding in top of that. (I’ll send a picture to Debbie so she can post it if she wants). I managed to lure Raji up onto it, and then up onto the bed, but she still prefers to soar/leap off when she’s leaving…..So much for offering alternatives….

    Still, it’s pretty cool….

  5. Susan M says:

    Raji loves her new stoop !!!!

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