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Most of you receiving this weekly update are successful at training dogs – at least your own, right? Training someone else to train his or her dog – or how to deal with their dog’s behavioral problems – is a significantly more challenging endeavor, however. Fortunately the human side of the equation is being increasingly recognized as something the professional dog trainer must get a handle on to be successful. Our book of the week was one of the first to address this issue by one of the real pioneers in the field, William “Bill” Campbell. Bill’s Dog Behavior Problems – The Counselor’s Guide takes a long look at things from both sides – in particular the dog owner’s perspective and the dog trainer/behaviorist’s expectations. It really does take three to tango on this subject – you, the owner, and – of course – the dog. Special 20% savings this week, get it now for only $15.96.

Of course since Campbell’s book was originally published in 1999, there have been a number of books written and DVDs produced on this subject. Some of the more popular and important ones we carry are:

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