Dawa and Karma

From Rod:

Hi Debby,

I wanted to let you know the little girl went in for her surgery this week.  Dr. O’Brien thought now was the time, she came home Wednesday night with some pain but after the first dose of medication she soon relaxed and went to sleep.  Today she is up and about like nothing happen but we are keeping her from getting to active for the next several days.

We took the boy in for his summer hair cut and when Olga went to pick him up she barely could recognize him.  Needless to say we were not too pleased with the way the groom cut him and I must say he was very unhappy about it as well.  We could not get him to go outside and he was having accidents in the house so we had to revert back to the puppy training methods again.  His hair is starting to grow back now some and I jokingly call him our Chia Pup.  I would suspect he will be back to his full coat by October.  Here is a picture of both after his cut and the second is of the girl on graduation day from puppy training.  Take care!

Rod & Olga



3 Comments on “Dawa and Karma”

  1. Susan M says:

    Just my two cents, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with the way Karma’s haircut LOOKS. However, if he is/was spooked enough by the groomer to have his behavior changed I’d say you need a groomer that treats him better regardless of the cut he comes home with.

    I keep my four Gompas’ hair cut real short, and it makes their (and my) lives easy eough to live. They get professionally groomed every four weeks, which is very expensive, but keeps them clean and healthy and I can rely on my groomer finding anything that I might have missed on their bodies — a tick on one, an owie on another. Even though they sleep with me and I rub and handle them all multiple times a day, there is still “stuff” that gets missed. I don’t know how anyone manages with the long coats as a regular way of life…..I know some do, and my admiration for them is extreme, but…..I don’t have it in me, and my dogs don’t seem to mind.

    You might prefer a longer cut; I haveno problem with that. But I don’t for a minute believe that his changed behavior has to do with the shortness of the haircut; I’d be morelikely to suspect the groomer wasn’t kind or careful.

    Opinionated as usual….

  2. >>> But I don’t for a minute believe that his changed behavior has to do with the shortness of the haircut;

    Actually, I’ve seen happen with dogs that I know didn’t suffer any trauma, inappropriate handling, or blade burns … I was the groomer. Indeed … Julie and I recently discussed two dogs in MN that had the same issues. Some dogs simply don’t like the feel of the short hair — whether it’s because they’re colder or the shorter hairs are more “pokey” in places — or who knows what exactly. But, it does happen!

  3. Susan M says:

    Whoa….my bad…

    .I’ll revise that statement to read: “Until the previous post set me straight, I wouldn’t have believed for a minute that…..”

    And, of course, what you are saying makes perfect sense. I was thinking only that the issue was self-image….

    Thanks for straightening me out :-))))))

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