Rainy Days and Mondays

..don’t get me down. Although I did oversleep. I need to blog. It’s been days. In Twitter-isk fashion…

Debby Rothman…


…got sun-burned last Wednesday at the Air Force Academy’s graduation.

…thinks it’s cool Nan brought her photos of a falcon, a real air-force falcon.

…wants to see the falcons fly.

…saw the Thunderbirds. Wow!

…found it strange to be in the midst of the elite of the military industrial complex.

…enjoyed the pomp and circumstance.

…is thankful her future daughter-in-law’s family included us.

…worked weird days last week, which is one reason she’s been out-of-sync.

…is happy Jill is now on her way to Championship.

…enjoyed time with her friends at the dog shows and CERF clinic.

…is also happy there are people volunteering to help me with Vincent.

…loves to Train With Grace.

…is looking forward to revisiting the Gompas’ past, preparing for ALAC’s breeders education program in October.

…loves gloomy days.

…but hopes to see the sun too.

…wishes she had four days at home.

…better get on with her day.

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