Thursday morning, here I am…


My garden doesn’t yet look like this. This photo was taken last year.  While I have lots of things sitting in my in-box for sharing, along with questions on the blog to answer, today I wanted to share this photo…along with some words.

I knew May was going to be busy crazy. I couldn’t have predicted how crazy. My Twitterisk post hit some bullet points, but that was about it. Perhaps I should have taken a photo of myself, particularly several days ago. A picture is worth a thousand words. Sunburn peeling like snake skin. Two cold sores; one the size of a quarter right under my right nostril distracts from the lesser on my lip. Yesterday the whites of my eyes showed blood vessels better fit for a horror movie. I have not a clue why that happened.  Night before last, out in the dark with the house dogs for one last pit stop, thinking I was grounded to the earth, I stepped sideways. Ha! I was on the bottom stair step…which was better than being on one of the other stair steps. I tweaked my left foot.

All of this is minor compared to the stress of, once again, having the IRS breathing down my neck. Say what?! Apparently once they’ve played with you (make that twice) and won, they love to play again. Three times in five years seems a bit excessive to me. My CPA says not to worry. Okey dokey. Ya. Right. Rick and I have already been worried, given the state of construction in our current economy. I fluctuate from fantasies of becoming an ex-pat to changing my entire value system and becoming on of the those militant militia people. You’d think there were bigger fish to fry, but probably the odds of ‘winning’ are better when playing with minnows. Yesterday, when picking his dog up from being groomed, my old accountant commented, “Lucy, you survived another one.” I replied, “and I hope I do too. We’re being audited again.” This was bad enough before, but right now when many families – including ours – are hopeful they’ll have jobs and be able to pay the mortgage…

Vincent was returned Tuesday. His people said he was creating stress in their home. He’ll be 5 months old next Tuesday. Several people volunteered to ‘help’ Vincent, including my husband. Vincent has been in the house since his return. He’s doing awesome! Hasn’t had one accident. Has mastered going up and down the deck stairs to go potty. Sleeps in his crate next to our bed. He has whimpered softly, shortly after dawn, but responds to a quiet ‘no’. Rick wants me to give Vincent a haircut. Does that mean we have another house dog? Time will tell. He has the laid-back personality of his sire, Edmund. His mother Anna is an easy going dog, as well. For whatever reason, his owners think he’ll be better in August, after they’re in a new house. Better? Better than what? I admit to total confusion after living with this puppy. He’s wonderful. My husband says he’s a ‘real dog’. If you know my husband, that sums it up in a nutshell!

Time, once again, has passed too quickly this morning. There are chores waiting and dogs to be groomed. Please know that I’ll be back in action with the blog. I’ll continue to use scheduled posts because I LOVE having something here each morning. But, I’m also going to, once again, write…write more than a little…when I’ve got something to say.

2 Comments on “Thursday morning, here I am…”

  1. Susan M says:

    Since this seems to be an opening for “bits and pieces”, I’m gonna share a book lovers blog that I just found.
    I don’t know what circuitous route I took to arrive at this woman’s blog, but she is a retired librarian with a penchant for mystery novels, and there is enough reading material and travel information to keep your reading lists well populated.


  2. lhasalhady says:

    For months Julie had been insisting I check out The Sweet Potato Queens. I finally did and, boy oh boy, was that just the read – or in this case listen – I needed. Fun!

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