:Autumn Rose

I love this photo Kathy B – Oregon Kathy – sent of Rose!


Sorry I have not updated you for a while on Ms. Rose. She’s just settled in
so well that I forget sometimes that she’s not always been here.

Rose continues to battle allergies off and on — lost her whiskers to
scratching again, but they’re back and almost 3″ long now. But she
alternates the whisker scratching with rubbing off her eyelashes!!! Silly
dog! Trying a new ointment for the lids so hope they improve soon. Maybe she
can have eyelashes and whiskers at the same time again.

Rose spent a lot of time this spring, summer and fall exploring the “far
reaches” of our backyard — before this, she’d stay close to my side or on
the deck if we were in the back. I’m sending a picture taken just after she
was plowing through maple leaves, searching for squirrels and/or the nuts
they’ve buried. Nila has taught her to come running when Nila finds a
squirrel on the fence or up a tree. It’s very comical to see Nila leaping
back and forth over Rose, as they try to “get” the squirrel!

Hope this finds you and yours well.

Kathy B

One Comment on “:Autumn Rose”

  1. Kathy B. says:

    Autumn Rose would be honored to appear on your blog! Too bad I didn’t also get a picture of her with her European Hornbeam leaf skirt! Last week she was leaping over and over through about a foot of the yellow and brown 2 inch hornbeam leaves (Nosy Rosy trying to see what our neighbors were doing)– she came out with her legs, chest, tummy and skirts full of leaves! Her
    bottom half was 2-4 inches wider than the top half. I started to pull the leaves out, but decided to wait until they dried a bit. Turned her loose inside, and when she started to leave leaf-trails through the house, rolled her over and quickly combed the rest out.

    Rose — always good for a laugh or a smile.

    Much love,
    Kathy & Rose

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