:Roman’s first Rally title…

Julie forwarded the following news sent by Mary…


Attached photo of Roman’s first Rally title. He wasn’t excited
about the photo shoot, so not the best picture but he did well at the
trials, 97 or higher for scores. We will work on Rally Advanced (off leash)
after the first of the year.

Melissa ran Roman for his jumpers run our last CPE trial. He qualified and
ran really well for Melissa. It was fun to watch someone else (who is
faster, a better handler than me) run him and see the training has paid off.
It was most rewarding to see him have fun.

Take care.
Mary Rees, Roman, Taz

One Comment on “:Roman’s first Rally title…”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    Love the colors in the photo. Years ago Joyce put a C.D. on Ch. Fleetfire Red Rover Red Rover C.D. In the distant past I showed in obedience, but never a Lhasa Apso. With these new fangled things like agility and rally (okay, probably not that new fangled anymore) performance competition looks really fun.

    Hey Julie, not that we’ve reached beyond that 100 Champion mark, maybe we should set another goal with performance!

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