:Coffee, not chai

There’s a passage by Madelyn Mulvaney in Artful Blogging that I totally relate to…

“My blog is a festival. It is a celebration of the best side of me. It is a room of my very own where I can illuminate the small poetries of my daily life, connect with artistic-minded kindred spirits and even manifest far-fatched dreams into reality. An early riser, I love to wake up with a cup of chai and tiptoe barefoot to my computer, much like Kathleen Kennedy’s character in the film You’ve Got Mail.

But instead of tiptoeing to open my e-mails I curl up in my study with my laptop and step into my very own corner of the Internet world. The very first time I pressed that magic prompt “Publish” I fell hopelessly in love with blogging….”

I drink coffee, not chai. Although some may be artistic-minded, I connect with people through dogs. I don’t always share the best side of me, but I share. Like Madelyn, I’m an early morning riser. I tiptoe barefoot to my computer. It is this special time of the day I’ve missed these past days as I’ve struggled to keep my head above water. While I’m looking forward to the next two weeks of more action-packed fun, I’m also looking forward to the weeks after when, once again, my day starts by tiptoeing into the library with a cuppa joe to spill out my thoughts, possibly my heart, simply by pushing the “Publish” prompt.

One reason I love to embibe is because the buzz helps me Stop, allows me to sit, leaving what’s undone for another day. In the warm summer months – and before and after – in the evenings I can usually be found with a refreshing Tanqueray and Tonic, embellished with a lemon slice. The ice may be nearly melted, marinated even, but the glass will be somewhere along my household route, reminding it’s time to Stop. Wine, however…ah! Wine! The warm feeling of a tasty glass o’ the grape! There is simply nothing like it.

Night before last, wanting to smell the bouquet of a rich red, wanting to hold the stem of a wine glass, I stopped on the way home and picked Big Ass Cab. Now, I’ve experienced Big Ass Chard; I’ve even blogged about it. There is no dog, big assed or otherwise, on this label. It’s still a great label. And a tasty, tasty wine that lives up to its label.

So there you have it. My almost daily drink list. Oh! I do drink Chai now and again, just not first thing in the morning. All of this to simply share the cool label and that I’ve missed tiptoeing barefoot in the morning to “Publish”.


To the news of the past week or so…

Wyatt is not the only one with a Forever Home. Megan has a home. Mariah has a home.

Chandra’s puppies are now with me.

Fernando won Best of Breed last Sunday and placed Group 2.

Tammy and I left mid-day a week ago Wednesday for the long road-trip to Minnesota. Sleek Sue was packed to the ceiling, contents spilling over to the roof-top carrier. There were no torrential rains like last year, so we made good time arriving in Des Moines at least 2 hours earlier than Vickie and I did last year. Better yet, we awoke the next morning before the three (yes, three) alarms went off. Arriving at Julie’s house around 11AM, we had time to relax and lunch before grooming dogs and heading over to the show site for 5PM judging.

Thateus (FFT That’s What I Said) won a large Bred-By Exhibitor class and went onto RWD to a 5-point major. He was also judged Best Bred-By Exhibitor in the Specialty, a very nice honor given the breeders competing. Edie won Best of Winners (over ?? 35 Lhasa Apsos) for her 3rd in a row BW Specialty win. The judge’s comment to this was, “And she’s not finished??” The first win was 4-pts, so she was one point short of her Championship title after Thursday’s judging. “Too bad,” he responded.

Sweepstakes judging was held Friday before the regular classes. There was an entry of 18 Lhasa Apsos, which is a really, really big entry. Sweepstakes is open to dogs 6 months to 18 months, with a concept of judging ‘the future’. There’s also cash money involved, with entry fees being dispersed to winners. Thateus won Best in Sweepstakes! And $37.12! Wow! We’re bringing home the bacon now!

Dr. Robert Berndt judged regular classes at Friday’s Specialty. He’s a former breeder of Lhasa Apsos, a well-respected judge. Known for his concern about scissor bites, Julie didn’t think Edie had a chance. Edie’s bite isn’t scissors; it’s reverse scissors. But! She has four lower incisors instead of six. Oh well. I entered anyway. After all, I was making a long road trip and it seemed silly not to enter under him. When he awarded her the Open Bitch class, I realized there was a chance she could finish having won all her points at Specialities with Best of Winners. When he awarded her Winners Bitch, he looked me in the eye and commented, “very nice”. After winning Best of Winners, during the photography session, Julie mentioned to Dr. Berndt that she was surprised by Edie’s win. After all, she has 4 lower incisors. He replied, “yes, but the rest of her is exquisite.” Dr. Berndt placed Thateus RWD. Not bad for a 12 1/2 month old dog entered in the Bred-By class.

Edie is now Champion FFT Carpe Diem! Waiting for the photographer, I noticed the judge from Thursday sitting ringside. I gave him the thumbs up. She’s finished!

The following day we coulda shoulda woulda stayed home. Where’s that crystal ball?

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. Most people were chilled by the breezes. Tammy and I felt refreshed, reminded of our Colorado air. The dogs looked beautiful on the green grass. As mentioned above, Fernando was Best of Breed and Group 2. Thateus won Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 5-point major.

After breed judging we all headed back to Julie’s. Tammy and I to pack up and head out. Julie and Kaylee for a break before Group judging. Tim, Julie’s husband, made lunch for us. Baked beans with bacon, chips and BLT sandwiches with tomatoes from his garden…yummy, especially since we Coloradoans are deprived of tasty tomatoes.

The trip home was, again, uneventful. Unless you count wheeling a cartful of dogs, 5 dogs, through the motel lobby Monday morning past everybody and his brother drinking coffee. And staring.

This upcoming weekend… Get back up and do it all over again.

2 Comments on “:Coffee, not chai”

  1. Julie says:

    I’m exhausted reading about last week and I was there!! I am even more exhausted thinking about the week to come when I get in the van a drive 14 hours to LACCC specialty!! I will tell you it is more than just love of our dogs and showing that we put ourselves through such duress and stress, it is the commraderie, lots of talking and laughing, sharing and partying. All the hard work, and long drive hopefully will end in a winning weekend but most of all I hope it ends in a special time shared with some special friends. See you all in a few days!

  2. Faye says:

    I’m with you on that Julie – I look forward to seeing all of you again – the dog show is just a convenient excuse for us to all get together.

    My bags are packed and the van will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning – see you all Thursday!

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