:Rose’s Show Boys

In the original post regarding Wyatt also needing a Forever Home, Rose commented on the pleasures of having two dogs. Privately, she sent an email wondering if perhaps Wyatt might find a home with another dog we’ve placed. That sure did happen, just not in the way we were thinking!
Excerpts from Rose…
Just had to share this with you.  I dropped Willis and Tango at the groomer this am.  The girl again commented on how beautiful their coats were and wished all her clients were as good.  She mentioned she was thinking of holding a class to show them how to groom, etc.  I said i would love to be included as i thought i could use some help in certain areas (namely removing the undercoat).  She asked if she could use both Willis and Tango as her models.  Both are really good on the table. So girls, I’ve got 2 of your “Show Boys” here in NY!!!.
Here they are; all fluffed up and looking good!  Tango is such a character; he has taken to sitting on the ottoman and when Willis goes by; he likes to jump him and then the fun begins. 
Deb – i think you found a great home for Wyatt!  Willis loved Tango the first few weeks as long as they were outside; inside he was a little dismayed, but by the end of the first month, i don’t think either wanted to be alone.  The boys just love one another and both are really different in personalities but both have wonderful temperments.  The groomer just thinks they are the best (i know, i am working on the braid minus the bows; but she is just so thrilled she can do and loves the look.)  When i picked them up, she said she rarely sees lhasas or shitzus in full coat and she really wants to do the grooming demo to try to help some owners so they can let the coats grow out a bit, (new trend for the NY pups.)

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