:Wyatt goes home

What I’d really like to do this morning is pour another cup of coffee, sit here and journal about the past week. I’ve got great photos of Megan and Mariah playing in Julie’s back yard. I want to write about the Specialties and all-breed shows. Instead, I’ve got to get to work. I’m working extra days this week to make up for being gone. Gotta pay the piper! Blogging will wait.

But before I go, the best news of the week is about Wyatt. Tuesday, in the middle of a crazy day at the shop, in walks Pete and Andy (FFT Faded Photographs aka Ansel). Pete wondered if I had a dog that would be a good companion for Andy. Did I have a dog?! I have the perfect dog!! Pete is retired and lives alone. He travels. Andy goes with him. He lives in an area more remote than I do; actually in the middle of the National Forest. He has a dog door that leads out to a totally fenced and roofed area for the dogs, built to keep them safe from wild animals. Pete’s only concern was Andy’s reaction to having another dog in the household, so Wyatt’s on a two-week trial. Andy loves Pete’s friends’ dogs. Wyatt immediately responded to Andy when he snarled at him, telling him that was quite enough sniffing. I’ll be very, very surprised if this match doesn’t work. Didn’t catch it on film, but Wyatt was already kissing Pete. Doesn’t Wyatt look like he’s saying, “ah, finally! You came and picked me up. I’ve been waiting.”

3 Comments on “:Wyatt goes home”

  1. Katy Widger says:

    What perfect timing! Wyatt will have a MUCH BETTER LIFE with Pete and Andy there in the forest than being an office dog! Just ask his mom, Sadie, what she thinks of life on this little “farm”. Last time I asked, she told me it was “interesting and pleasurable.” Really, she did! She’s a happy, bouncy, silly, funny little girl. I’ll bet Wyatt is gonna have a great life, too!

  2. So happy for Wyatt; a little “Lhasa” patience and the 2 dogs will be pals…if my Taz could accept another (Roman)…it can be done. Fun to have 2, and see the bond grow. I was a bit tempted, trying to decide if 3 would rock the boat. I saw several of the FFT at the Specialty, dogs looked great. Debbie, didn’t get over to meet you, hopefully next time. I’m so proud and lucky to have a dog from this line. Mary,Roman,Taz

  3. WTG Wyatt!! I *love* to see multiple-dog families. While humans are great company, we simply cannot provide the canine-to-canine bond that’s hard-wired with the pack instinct. With rare exception, dogs need that connection with each other.

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