:Whisper, Echo and Si Ku

Thanks to everyone for the great name suggestions, sent either through the blog or personally. Each and every suggestion has been placed in my Names file for future use…(keeping fingers crossed!) Ken’s suggestion – Skyob Pa Po (guardian) and call him Sky – has been reserved for Chandra and Keeper’s litter (not yet bred). Chandra means lightening, so I love the reference. The boy will be named Keeper to the Past. After all, as Julie mentioned, that’s exactly what I did! His call name, one of several suggested by my sister Kelly, is Si Ku which translates to keeper of treasury vaults. Guan Li Ren translates simply to Keeper, but Si Ku is easier to say! The girls are Whisper to the Past and Echoes to the Past, keeping in rhythm with Keeper to the Past. This morning I took some photos of the puppies. One of the females opened her eyes in the past 24 hours.  


One Comment on “:Whisper, Echo and Si Ku”

  1. Susan says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my….
    Cuteness thy name is puppydog !!!!
    I know four is already too many, but can I have them ALL?????

    Okay, okay, okay…..
    it’s a joke….
    thanks for the wonderful pix


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