:Fun Art on a Thursday morning..

The sky is blue, with the promise of becoming even bluer this morning. It belies the sense of foreboding, running like an underground current through the house. Chris met for a conference with the many people that will be involved in her surgery, her quest to buy herself some more time, some more quality life. The recovery period from this type of brain surgery is from 6 weeks to a year. A year! Whew! She has already beaten the very bleak odds surrounding Inflammatory Breast Cancer. 30% survive the first year. She has entered her fifth year. Last weekend she told me that she’s okay; she’s led a great life with a wonderful husband and family, had a successful business she enjoyed and has traveled the world. What more could one want from life, she commented. She lives her life now buying time…time for family, friends and more travel. Additionally, she wants to show how to be dignified during the process. This, she achieved from the beginning of her battle. She is an inspiration for those around her, including people she’s met in the past five years going through a similar process. She truly is My Hero. And I hope this surgery leaves her with dignity.

A rather bizarre intro to the following prints. You can probably expect more over the next few weeks…  😦  So, let’s turn my frown upside down! 🙂

Mad Whine Party by Mark Durham

The Beach by Marie Mason

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