:Weekend show results

I’m hoping Julie or Melissa will jump in here! This past weekend they attended dog shows some 4 hours away from Julie’s home. Not sure where… I know about the 4 hours because Julie drove home through bad weather. Only the last 90 miles of her trip were decent.

Carolyn Herbel judged the first day. The Damon puppies won big! Damon puppies from 3 different litters, 3 different dams, which is particularly exciting as his breeder! Savion (Damon x C’est La Vie) was RWD (Reserve Winners Dog) to a 4-point major. Karen’s young female (Damon x her Ch. Ritz) was WB (Winners Bitch) for a 4-point major. And Melissa’s Ella (Damon x Sadie) was RWB. Congrats to all!

Roger Pritchard judged the second day. All I can remember is Lily picked up a 4-point major… Fernando won Best of Breed both days and placed Group 4 both days.

One Comment on “:Weekend show results”

  1. Pauline says:

    Husband and I were at this show too. Six hours for us and our ride home was a lot better than julie’s.

    Our parti boy walked behind me (but he walked) and our parti girl slipped her lead for Greg.

    Five of us went out for food after Saturday’s show.Was lots of fun!!!!!!

    There are some really wonderful and helpful Lhasa people in this world and we are delighted to be able to “hang” with them.

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