:Enough already!

I am disgusted right now. Disgusted! I thought the subject of Weekend Veterinary Fun would fade away, like most conversations. Instead, it has turned into mud slinging. I will not tolerate this on the blog!!! Enough! I’ve had enough! I did not start this blog to be a mud slinging message board. Enough! Ladies, this is enough! It’s certainly enough for me. Susan is learning. She was gracious enough to take in a special needs dog that was no longer wanted, for more reasons than explained. She continues to seek solutions, including coming up with some great ideas herself. Enough! I’ve had enough!

The purpose of this blog, besides my own enjoyment, a creative outlet for my need to write, a great way to stay connected, is for education. I am a believer in teaching through encouragement, not mud slinging. I will implement my ability to approve posts before hitting the blog if necessary.

I am disgusted!!!

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