:Toshimi sends..agility photos

Toshimi wrote:
We got some agility sets in my basement for Koyuki.
But, Koyuki does not play.
Sakura is great for the jumping!
I will train Koyuki too!

Toshimi, are you and the dogs enrolled in an agility class?

Here’s Koyuki. Go to Toshimi’s blog to see more photos, including some great ones of Sakura jumping.


One Comment on “:Toshimi sends..agility photos”

  1. Toshimi says:

    I took these photo at pet wellcome lodge in Kyusyu Japan.
    Chacha doesn’t like to do. But she did it for me.
    I did not enlolled the agility class.
    because we don’t have any day off untill April.
    Koyuki still scare to jump the bar. But, Her face looks very smart and beautiful!

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