:Katy sends…happy apsos chewing their bones

..along with the following note:

Here’s a cute photo of Zeke and Sadie working on some beef rib bones this afternoon.  The bedroom usually looks about that messy.  We’re planning to tear out the nasty carpet and replace it with tile this spring or summer.  But the dogs are still supposed to eat their bones on the old T-shirts provided, there under them, on the floor.  Such good dogs!


Katy, we no longer have any carpet in our home. It was a slow process, but finally! The last remnant was the lovely lime green shag shag carpet we ripped out of Nate’s room.

Have I got a bone story! Yesterday, late in the day, sitting here at my computer (gotta name her) winding down the day, sipping a glass of Cab Sav (Australian wine lingo) I saw Sam pass by the window. And then heard her knock on the door. “One of the girls has a bone stuck on her tongue.” Say what? A bone stuck on her tongue? Pulling on my boots and coat, I learned the bone stuck on her tongue after coming back into the kennel. Sam thought it was frozen on to her tongue and tried running water on the tongue to unstick the bone, with no success. Together we went to the kennel, Samantha quickly picking up Ponya. Sure enough. There was a meeting of a bone and Ponya’s tongue. I had given the dogs fresh bones in the morning. The bones I use are about 3″ long, marrow bones. Her tongue was stuck inside the bone! I gently tried to separate bone from tongue, but quickly realized I needed better lighting. I instructed Sam to hold the bone as close as she could to Ponya’s mouth and into the laundry room – and better lighting – we went. I looked down the hollow in the middle of the bone. There was the end of her tongue, about an inch and a half. A lodged piece of gravel had trapped her tongue. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place! A hemostat down the center of the bone to dislodge the piece of gravel did the trick. The surprising thing was not once did Ponya seem distressed by the situation. Perhaps she liked having her bone one with her body.

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