:Another blast from the past


Okay, I have to share. I just have to share! Some of you may have read Sondra’s comment over the weekend – Sondra on A Blast from the Past. The blog only allows the 5 most recent comments to show up in Recent Comments in the left hand column, so don’t know if you read it…I’ll cut and paste it:

Wow! That photo was 20 years ago–sometimes those days seem like yesterday and other days it was a whole different lifetime ago. Thank you once again, Debby, for finishing Delilah! Our last lhasa, Razor, a gift from you to Harry on his 10th birthday, is still going strong at 8.

Sondra, that makes Harry 18?! Let’s don’t do the math for Tiffany and Shawn. Nate turned 23 in December.

For those of you who don’t know Sondra – and that would be most of you – we met not long after I started showing Lhasa Apsos in ….gulp…1979. She had Dandie Dinmont Terriers. I had Smooth Fox Terriers. We each had Lhasa Apsos as a ‘second breed’. Sondra, do you recognize any of the dogs or people in the above photos? I’m showing Zshoi (Joy is the pronunciation). And, surely I’m wearing my best dress! 🙂 I’m serious and Sondra will know what I’m talking about.

At one point in time, Sondra was secretary of ALAC (American Lhasa Apso Club). Maybe that’s what did her in! She retired from showing and breeding shortly after, if I’m recalling correctly. Not to mention the arrival of Harry… The gold Lhasa Apso ring I wear was given to me by Sondra. It was hers. She gave it to me. It’s on my right ring finger as I type. We’ve been friends a long time.

Sondra moved to Florida some years ago. I miss her. She introduced me to scrapbooking. And look where that’s led! The website is actually a morphed, 10th generation product of my love of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is why I learned PhotoShop. It’s one of the reasons I learned about websites, web design and now, blogs! We would meet sometimes on Fridays, rent the back room in the scrapbooking store, spread out our layouts, get out our scissors and paste. And memories. And history. And knowledge of the dog world, people and players. Even though Sondra was no longer active, she understood everything I’d share about the dogs and the dynamics within the dog world. We’d start with breakfast at the Le Peeps next door to All My Memories. We scrap away until lunch and then walk across the parking lot to either Red Robin or the Hoffbrau. Have some lunch and drinks and go back for more.

Here’s another one. Name those dogs! Name those people! And surely that lavender outfit was also a ‘best dress’! Right, o-person-wearing-lavender.


If you’d like to see Delilah, the Lhasa Apso I exhibited for Sondra and Niall, do a search on A Blast From the Past in the upper left hand search box.

3 Comments on “:Another blast from the past”

  1. Kathy says:

    “Tell me, if you can, of anything that’s finer than an evening…with a rare old friend and a dog after one’s heart.”
    Nash Buckingham

  2. Julie says:

    Hey, I still have that outfit!!! To bad I can’t get it over my, -ss, anymore!

  3. […] in for grooming. They came with one dog and went home with two! Fleetwood Max. Little Max is the white puppy with the young woman in these photos. In fact, Rick took those photos. After Little Max died, Jenny became part of their family for 17 […]

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