Julie on..sharing

I love hearing from the people who have adopted dogs from me.  It gives me a special
feeling knowing I’ve added joy to both people and dogs lives.
Here are a couple of pictures I received this Christmas.
This is Bella (Lily & Iris littermate). She went to her “forever” home in July of ’07, owned by Martin and Edwina.


 This is Dana, owned by Paul and Patricia.  She is a littermate to Anna
and went to live in her “forever” home December’04. Paul and Patricia’s daughter
adopted a dog  (Edie’s littermate) from  me in ’06, also.


One Comment on “Julie on..sharing”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    Julie, I couldn’t agree more! One of the nice things about being a groomer is that I get to see a number of our dogs on a regular basis. Just this week I groomed Daffy, short for Daffodil. Karen was telling me that her daughter Ronit made a webpage for Daffy. Of course I asked for the link! Later that day Ronit sent it to me:


    ..along with a note inquiring about getting an Apso for herself. How fun is that!

    Daffy was with me for the first year of her life, one of the infamous coffee litter. She was the only one with a black nose; the rest had liver noses. I called her Rica, for Americano. Her sisters – Chiata (Macchiata), Latte and Mocha – were all named for coffee/milk/chocolate drinks. Not Daffy. She was named for black coffee!

    Be sure to check out her Pet Peeves!

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