Blind Dogs See With Their Hearts

In one of her comments, Susan mentioned a care package… 

“Aw shucks, Kathy R, you really shouldn’t have, but it was so very nice of you and …. I’m glad you did. Folks, today my postlady brought me a care package from Kathy with just all sorts of wonderful goodies for “Old Blind Dog” and the rest of us. I was/am so touched by her thoughtfulness !!!! ”

Zap! Susan, zap! You’ve been touched! One never knows what Kathy will come up with next. It’s always a surprise. It’s always fun. It’s always thoughtful. To commemorate Panchen and his odyssey, Kathy gave me this card…


I’m not sure if Kathy used the ‘suitcase’ as a backdrop for this photo or if it was actually part of the care package she sent you and your crew. If so, maybe you could put that old collar and lead Panchen was wearing when he arrived in Colorado in it. I know it’s probably useless, but somehow…I thought the worldly possessions he arrived here with needed to be with him in his new home.


4 Comments on “Blind Dogs See With Their Hearts”

  1. Susan says:

    He’s wearing that little collar right now; the clasp on the lead is too hard to work, so we’re using a newer one.
    At first I let the puppies play with the Ty dog, but then I salvaged him for myself. He’s sitting on the table in front of me just as you see him in the picture on the card.
    And it’s all true….except that it’s true of ALL gompas — that “they see with their hearts”.


  2. Kathy says:

    Travelin’ Man’s little wild west suitcase is actually a Christmas gift from my sister-in- law in Idaho! She stuffed it full of craft materials and plenty of ric rac to get me through the year!

    I thought Travelin’ Man looked great in his wild west duds posed with my cowgirl bag, headin’ on to Susan’s forever home.

  3. katy says:

    Kathy, that is just so cute! You are a kind and wonderful soul with great ideas that spring from a heart of love!
    I, too, have been a recipient of one of Kathy’s care packages in the mail. The Bible says that angels are messangers and ministers of grace and Kathy R. certainly fits that description!

  4. NEMA says:

    this is so cut

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