Sadie’s Transformation

I took this photo National Specialty week 2007 in Oregon, as the early morning sun filtered through the window. It captured Sadie’s essence. Sweet. Light.


Created before I knew anything about depth of field, composition or capturing the subject, it’s one of those photos that works…for precisely those reasons. Depth of Field. Composition. Capturing the subject. The website is designed around a color palette of black, white and red. I wanted to use this photo in a prominent place, so I changed it to black and white and designed the What’s New blog header, which you see at the top of this page.

Not long after Sadie went to live with Katy and Ken, Katy asked, “Would you mind sending me a copy of that beautiful Sadie pic that you use as a banner for the blog? A large size, about 1024 x 768 pixels, if you have it that size.   I want to paint her.  And, having had a chance to become acquainted with  her sweet, quiet, dignified temperament, that photo, indeed, captures her essence so well!”


See more of Katy’s art.

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