Zeke and Sadie in their Christmas haircuts

A little after Christmas, but I had to share these good looking haircuts! Kathy wrote: Here’s some pics of the kids first “official” Widger haircuts, just in time for Christmas. Sadie was a little jewel, and cooperated like the sweet little pro she is.  Zeke is a perpetual motion boy, and any hair that came off him was by sheer luck.  He stands pretty well for the clippers, amazing, considering he used to run in terror at the mere site of them, but any scissoring around his head is met with constant bobbing and weaving.  He was, however, the best he’s ever been with his bath this time. 

2 Comments on “Zeke and Sadie in their Christmas haircuts”

  1. Katy, I think they look great! Sometimes when I have an active “bobble head” on the grooming table, I take a towl, roll it, get the dog to lay down, put the head on the roll, to scissor the head. Sometimes they relax a bit when they’re laying down. You can either sit on a stool to scissor round, or I often stand and barber roll with a comb and scissor.Sometimes tapping a couple times on the nose (with your finger) with a command “be still” with an “ah-ah” if they move gets the message to be still. Debbie, or others, may have better pointers. My Roman is like Sadie, perferct. Taz–always a challenge from bath to the end…..guess it’s the lhasatude, full force.

  2. Katy says:

    Hi Mary! Thanks for the tips. Bobble Head is right! He tries to look at every move you make with the scissors. I just read your advice to Ken, and I hear him in the kitchen, laughing out loud! He’s imagining Zeke being “still” under any circumstance, I suspect! Nevertheless, I will try the towel trick. I think I did get him to lay down, but the towel might make it more acceptable/comfortable for him. The stool idea is great, too. I groomed Standard Poodles for twenty years, but Zeke is a whole ‘nother ball game! He gets better all the time,however. His first bath was like bathing a scared cat, but now he seems to actually enjoy it. Same with brushing. I hope (and pray!) that scissoring will get easier, too. What a guy!

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