Armchair Traveling

I’ve added a new feature to the blog. Look down the left hand column and note Armchair Traveling. People often share really cool sites with me, which I’d like to share with you. Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside Helen Thayer’s site:

Three Among the Wolves: A Year of Friendship with Wolves in the Wild


In the summer of 1994, Helen Thayer and her husband Bill, hiked above the Arctic Circle in the Canadian Yukon Territory to live for six months one hundred feet from a wolf den to observe and document their daily lives. They returned in the winter months to interact with and document the lives of wolves and polar bears on the frozen polar sea and the vast Mackenzie Delta in Canada’s frozen north.
This remarkable book is a result of those unique experiences. The key to Thayer’s acceptance was Charlie, the author’s Inuit dog of magnetic North Pole fame. Following Charlie’s lead the Thayers’ discover the complexities of wolf family structure, including the alpha male and female, care of the pups, hunting and survival skills. This book is both a natural history of wolves and adventure tale. Far from being the viscous killers of popular imagining, the Thayer’s found that wolves form loving family bonds in a world that offers them neither safety nor understanding.

Finalist at the Banff National Book Festival 2005.

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