Sister Act


Mary Anna sent this great photo, taken several days after Gracie’s first birthday in September. Several days prior to receiving this in the mail, Toshimi had sent me photos of Koyuki right after her bath, commenting how much she looked like her sister Edie. The only photo I have of their other sister Sophie (I remembered her name Julie!) is from the cover of a magazine, where her owner is holding her. It really is amazing, their resemblance to each other!

As you’ve heard me say for months…or has it been years now…it’s my intention to scrapbook a page for each dog in the Gallery. While the pages aren’t ‘done’, I do place photos, etc., for each dog on each of their pages. To see photos of the Sister Act and/or each sister, hit the links which will take you to the developing pages.

And, I’m on countdown today. I’m signing up for an online organization photo/scrapbooking class, 16 weeks long, designed to help get pages done and things at my finger tips. Registration starts at 2PM, my time and is limited. Keep your fingers crossed!

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