A day in the life…

Obviously making up for lost time during the holidays here on the blog. I’ve got plenty more to share over the weekend, including photos of Katy’s great haircuts on Sadie and Zeke. I received a nice photo of Gracie, littersister to Edie, Koyuki and…help me out Julie. What’s their cover girl sister’s name? I’m going to put together a composite because it’s amazing how similar they are in the face.

This morning I loaded six dogs into Suzanne and headed to the shop for some power grooming before going ‘down the hill’ (as we mountain folk say about going to the city) to dog training class. I was so happy with Thateus. It was his first class, in fact his first time on a leash. He had his tail up the entire time. Although part of the time I had to run backwards myself, encouraging him to move out on the leash, he did! The instructor commented on his great movement. Wait ’til that boy is actually moving on the lead!

After class we met up with Tammy for the Wyatt drop off. He’s going to spend some time with her and Matthew, learning to be a show puppy, a house dog and a six year old boy’s playmate. Wyatt, Thateus and Melissa’s Ella are all littermates.

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