Lick Granuloma

Gail sent the following:

OK Debby, here’s one up for grabs….already have been to the vet twice this week…My tiny shih tzu was nicked on the foot by the groomer months ago….(I haven’t been there since) Of course, he licked his foot and then it turned into a lick granuloma…an ulcer….finally it healed…Then a week ago, he started licking again. We went away for two days. I came back and took him to the vet. Antibiotics and an e collar and topical antibiotic. He is a contortionist and got to his leg even tho the collar fit correctly…..So the sore looks horrible. I put another soft collar inside the e collar…and a sock on his foot…So it will be two weeks, I think, in this situation…I will feed him just raw food, I think,. to help the skin issues. I am frustrated. He is a compulsive licker (looking back)….calming herbs….fish oil will probably help his skin..Anybody have experience with this imbalance?

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3 Comments on “Lick Granuloma”

  1. Gail says:

    Well, answered part of my own question…by putting fresh aloe from the leaf right on the sore….it looks better this morning..I will do that several times daily..and it doesn’t smart like the antibiotic salve…

  2. Gail Duboe says:

    nothing like commenting on your own questions…forces me to do my homework….I err on the side of being conservative normally, with the dogs and my own health issues…Then I access my alternative treatment protocols….for the long term. I do not know this shih tzu’s previous history at all…He was an owner turn in.. right now his skin is the worst I have seen of any rescue dog I have ever had in my house. (doesn’t speak well for me, does it? But with him, it has been one challenge after another….He is not that old and his eyes were very bad from dry he does get meds 3 times a day) When I go out, I take him in the car so he doesn’t really get a chance to be bored…He is an anxious sort probably because he cannot see well also. He probably has obsessive compulsive disorder as the article explains…I think it is just small dog anxiety…He is tiny..and insecure..He accompanies me to the reflexologist in San Francisco every week so he does get out and he does get exercise. It is unfortunate that the groomer nicked him in the beginning, but it is easy to see how that happens when a dog fidgets. I needed to put a collar on immediately when I saw he was working on his foot…but it didn’t occur to me what he was doing. I am going to try the cottage cheese-flax oil combination and see how that helps his immunity rather than give the fish oil..Chris Geiser sent me the article on Johanna Budwig and her diet. To that mix, I will add some anti-anxiety herbs. Antibiotics will cure the symptoms and infection, but won’t get at the root of the problem and will weaken his immune system.

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