Bella update

Julie received the following from Bella’s owners. Bella is the litter sister of Iris (Shelley’s puppy and Lily (with Julie). 

Just thought that I would update you on Bella.

She went to Canada this wek-end and passed with flying colors.  Everyone that saw her fell in love with her.

She has her ups and downs.  Some days she is very laid back and others a little devil.  Some times its like having a new baby (which she is) that has to put everything in her mouth,  We know when she has something that she really knows that she shouldn’t because she runs like the dickens and I think, she dares us to catch her.  She is very smart and Martin says thats where breeding counts.

She is also loosing her baby teeth.  I laughed yesterday when I checked her—she looked different and the two middle ones on the bottom were gone, she looked like my Grandson—he just lost his two on the bottom too.  Well today all four of them are out but you can see in one place where the new ones are trying to break thru.

She’s slowly getting the  “come” thing but when she doesn’t want to listen she looks at you like your some kind of dummie or as much as to say “who—Me?”  In about a month or so she’s going to have to learn “sit” & “stay” and that should be fun.

We are so glad we found her because she is loved to death so you don’t have to worry on this end.  She sits with “Daddy” when he read the paper in the morning and attacks him at night when he comes thru the door and he loves every minute of it.

Will let you know when she is spayed which will be after the baby teeth.

Take care.


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