Mountain gardening

Mountain gardening. Yep, I keep trying to fool myself that all this ‘woodworking’ is gardening. I would have been happier designing Collage pages for the dogs’ birthdays, believe me! Here’s what I was doing instead…

This is my son Nate running the wood splitter..woodsplitting.jpg

It’s been great having him back in Denver, spending ‘quality’ time working together. 😉 He’s helped repair and replace fencing inside and outside the kennel. He leveled the dirt our neighbor hauled in for the lower part of the driveway. He’s cut down trees. About every 2 – 3 weeks, he comes up and we work on some outside project. Not only can I utilize the physical strength he offers, but it helps having that time set aside to work on not-so-fun projects.

There is one task he refuses to do. Stack wood. He said he’d help with slash, he’d cut wood, he’d repair fences, he’d do anything but stack wood. He’s stacked enough wood in his life. So, here I am hauling the split logs to the woodpile on the other side of the house..woodmoving.jpg

And here’s the start of the woodpile..woodpile.jpg

There’s still a little bit of this project left to do, but it will have to wait until the chain saw is sharpened. Moutain gardening. Ain’t it grand! Next week we’re going to play with rocks!

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