Happy Birthdays…a day late

Yesterday Frankie, Rose and Seth turned 7 years old. Frankie and Rose are siblings. Seth, although related, is not a sibling.

My intention, this next year, is to have a collage page, linked through the Galleries, done for each dog. A nice target would be that dog’s birthday. It didn’t happen with this trio…there’s always next year!

Rose’s page was the first scrapbooking collage page I did. Be sure to scroll down to see photos of her in her forever home. See Rose’s page

Although there’s not yet a scrapbook collage for him, Seth does have a page with a nice photo and correspondence from Carolyn. See Seth’s page

Frankie, you’ll just have to wait! I’ve got great photos of you, but not yet transferred to your page. I’m thinking a canoe theme would be perfect for you.

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