Apso yarn

For years I’ve been saving my dogs’ hair. I have a canvas bag hanging on my stand dryer; you want the bag to breathe. Each time I take the hair out of the slicker brush I put the hair in that bag. The hair is clean and already ‘carded’. When the bag is full I send it to Amanda Todt for spinning.



4 Comments on “Apso yarn”

  1. Debby, how interesting about the laso hair. What do does she do with it?
    Also my UPS man wanted to know if I was ever going to breed Roadie (smile). I told him no and why. He wants one for his daughters (teenagers).
    I told him about your website. I hope he doesn’t ask me about it anymore. I really don’t know him only from delivering my packages from Mary Kay and QVC. Roadie is doing fine, I had his stomach hair trimmmed, he lays and just looks at the UPS man.


  2. Debby and All,
    I am Shelley Potter. I am the founder of the Pondulac kennel in Minnesota (Polish Lowland Sheepdogs). I have also been recently BLESSED to co-own “Timbers For Your Eyes Only” with Julie Timbers. Julie has been my trainer as well as somewhat of a mentor through my years in purebred dog showing (at 10 years, I know I am still a novice!). I have always been fascinated by the historical, original…especially in canines. It was one of the reasons I was attracted to the PONs. Turns out, they owe much to the Tibetan Terrier! In reading about and observing certain breeds, the Lhasa has always been one I’ve admired. I find them extraordinarily beautiful and so interesting. I wanted to add a smaller, ancient breed and kept coming back to the Lhasa. I knew Julie had exceptional dogs, so when I heard she had a litter, I began to badger her to let me co-own and learn. She agreed, and “Iris” now lives with me. She is the most amazing puppy I have ever had. Her combination of spunk and sweetness is unsurpassed. I still love my PONs (my male, Hummer, was the number one all-breed PONs in 06), but this little Lhasa has taken my heart completely. I was prompted to write this, because I wish I had saved all of the PONs hair I have groomed in the past 10 years…this has inspired me. I know now that the hair I save will not only be black and white, but will have a good collection of Lhasa gold as well. I have become quite a believer! best,

  3. Debby says:

    I’ve made a scarf and glove set that I’ll photograph in the next couple days and share. Eve, the woman that introduced me to Amanda, spun up a shawl as a fundraiser for the Gompa Lhasa Apsos. I’ll find photos of that and share too. Here’s an article that features beautiful things made from dog hair:


    It’s a little slow loading because I scanned the entire article, but worth the wait. There’s some beautiful sweaters! I’m going to knit a sweater for myself.

    Here’s the spinner Amanda’s website:


  4. lhasalhady says:

    Kathy shared this link with fellow knitters!


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