Gigi’s boys

vagra_dom17.jpgGigi’s two Gompa dogs recently had a professional photo session. She wrote, “to tell them apart, as they are the same color, Dom is smaller and has a symmetrical face… he is the Buddha baby.  Vaj’s nose is off-center and he looks kind of goofy… he is the clown.”

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2 Comments on “Gigi’s boys”

  1. Gail Duboe says:

    I love these dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Vaj is Gompa Kunza Vajra and his father is Panchen….He was born on the same day his dad was, only 10 years later!!!!Panchen is a very light hearted, comical kind of dog also….Their faces are so similar…..What is Dom’s Gompa name? (Is someone taking pictures of all the rest of the dogs in the Registry??? What a fun project that would be!!!!!

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Dom’s registered name is Dharmapala Lotus Domchung. Photos…I took photos of all the dogs at the Dog Party in Virginia a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out! It is my intention to, one day, have photos of each Gompa in the Registry along with their other information.

    Gail, you might try something with Panchen. I stayed at Ceese’s several nights during the Dog Party. Panchen was living there at the time. Every night, right before bedtime, the dogs would line up in the kitchen. Ceese would tell them to sing. Both she and Mac would throw their heads back and the dogs would do the same. The pack seemed to be howling at the moonlight! ‘Sing’ was the cue and it was given in a singing tone. drawn out. “SIINNGG” To end the cacophony, Ceese would clap her hands, as if applauding, praising the dogs for the beautiful song. Each dog got a treat for its performance. I’ll bet Panchen would remember how to ‘sing’!

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