Judge Julie

Shared with Bev’s permission…

mollymenewchampbevsimms.jpg Hi Debbie,

Your web site is beautiful and has lots and lots of great information. I love all the information on all the books and the info on genetics. Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing. I didn’t even know you had a website until I did a google search for FFT Lhasas after Julie judged in Reno.

Julie gave my Molly a four point major in Reno. Molly is my very first bred -by owner handled Champion and finishing under Julie was just the icing on the cake! Everyone of us that was there would go under her again. She looked at every dog and went over every dog completely. Not to mention that I have seen some beautiful FFT dogs and for a judge who breeds, grooms and handles such gorgeous dogs to pick my bitch for a major was so special. I will truly always remember that day.

So Darby had mentioned you might be coming to California for a visit? We’ll all put out the red carpet.

Bev Simms

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