Our Precious Pets

our-precious-pets.jpgUnder Marley and Me, Gail had commented on a book, “I found an amazing book by Ann Wigmore, the living foods advocate who started the Hippocrates Institute in Boston..and started reading it….It is just a gem….even has living foods recipes for pets at the end of the book….and talks about vaccines!! Amazing when you start searching for answers….was thinking of you Katy and Ken…!!! It is called “Our Precious Pets”, National Humane League, Inc. 1987…happened to find it online..what a find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Read about Dr. Ann Wigmore 

Gail sent the following about ordering this out-of-print book, “Our Precious Pets”: http://www.sunfood.com/Products/0298.html Book: “Our Precious Pets”  by Ann WigmoreList Price: $9.95
Our Price: $0.74         
You Save: $9.21 (93%)
(198 pages, 1987, softcover) — The best “pet-care book” ever written. Long-thought to be out-of-print until recently resurrected by Nature’s First Law, this book contains Dr. Ann Wigmore’s amazing advice on alternative pet care and her collection of startling, yet true animal stories.
Contents include: Care of Pets * Pets Can Help You Get Healthier * Listening To Your Pet * What To Do When Your Pet Is Sick * Pure Food Law For Animals * Feeding Your Pets * Recipes For Dogs & Cats.

One Comment on “Our Precious Pets”

  1. Katy says:

    Thanks for this info. I just went to the site and ordered this book. This month’s issue of Whole Dog Journal also has some very informative and confirming articles on feeding raw and living foods to our dogs. I especially liked the article by CJ Puotinen. The diet she feeds her Lab sounds exactly like the diet I used to feed my previous Standard Poodle, Mychal, including the lacto-fermented veggies. I have tried feeding Zeke this same type of diet, only he will not (so far) eat ANY veggies, so I have had to adjust my thinking with him. To each dog his own!

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