Science of Vaccine Damage

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Science of Vaccine Damage

One Comment on “Science of Vaccine Damage”

  1. Katy says:

    This is an extraordinary article! I am going to copy it to a number of people, some vets included, that need to see this! From research I have done following Mychal’s vaccination-induced epilepsy, and death, I have come to the conclusion that all three of my previous dogs, all Standard Poodles, died from the effects of vaccination. And I am outraged at the vets I trusted, who insisted that the vaccinations they were injecting my beloved dogs with were both necessary and not harmful, then denied any connection between the vaccinations and the illnesses and diseases my dogs subsequently developed. I have completely lost my trust and faith in the veterinary profession, and find myself taking very bit of advice I receive with far more than that proverbial “grain of salt”. I check everything out through many sources and make my own decisions based on my dogs best interest, and not the advice of any vet or, especially, the current, politically correct, mis-informed and draconian laws of the town or state in which I live. God help us all!
    I am also thrilled that the Rabies Challege Fund will be starting the first test trails. Not that this will change anything for a very long time, but at least we will have the scientific evidence to refer to when challenged.
    Thanks so much for posting these extremely important articles, Debbie!

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