Apsos for the Cure

Kathy has three dogs, including Here I Am! Tessa, from behind the roses. Kathy contacted me for a dog several years ago and later got Pete – Sweet Pete – from me. Our friendship continues to grow. Kathy and I usually meet for coffee and pastries on a not-often-enough basis. Yesterday we met for lunch, beginning at Creekside Cellars in downtown Evergreen and ending at a picnic table right next to Bear Creek, sharing thoughts, beliefs, ideas, projects and ourselves.

Kathy’s latest medium, shall I say, is Ric Rac. Remember the stuff? It brings back fond memories of my grandmother. I had completely forgotten about Ric-Rac. Look at one of the things Kathy’s done with Ric Rac…


It graces the back of a denim shirt. Note the fuzzy ends of the Apso’s coat. Ya gotta love it! She also wore a necklace comprised of an amulet strung on Ric Rac. She’s had the amulet for a long time. It looks very Apsoish. The Ric Rac, in this case, symbolizes the Himalayas. I’m always curious to see what Kathy will be wearing, as she embellishes her clothing with embroidery, among other things, often with an Apso theme.

Besides the pretty pink rose earrings, she sported an unusual pin; obviously a breast cancer awareness pin, but a feather was incorporated into the design. It was beautiful. Maybe Kathy can take a photo of it. I can’t find an image online. An Irishwoman herself, Kathy is drawn to many things, including Native American culture. The pin was designed to bring awareness to breast cancer within the Native American population.

Inside the card below, she wrote:
“It takes a cyber village to raise a happy Lhasa Apso!
A BLOG is born!
Celebrate your passion Ride the Prayer Wheel in Faith!”


Kathy told me only she would give a rock as a gift. <g> The rock now resides in my garden, nestled in the Witch’s Timble.

One Comment on “Apsos for the Cure”

  1. lhasalhady says:

    I got an inquiry about Kathy’s pink ric rac Apso, wondering if ‘this’ was where she’d seen it. Search engines are an interesting thing, huh? Here’s part of Tina’s response:
    This morning I was thinking that it might look cute made with some of that fancy yarn. I was trying to match[thinking] the colors of my Lhasa. I say thinking because I can see good ideas and work with them in my head but rarely do they ever make it to fruition. I love talking about Lhasas, No one else around this area has their Lhasa in a long natural coat.

    I asked her to share, if she attempts this project. I like her idea of using fancy yarn and may incorporate into an idea I have. Alas, I, too have fruition issues.

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